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Old 07-02-2009, 07:58 PM
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Default Hard starting when cold, out of the blue...

Just thought I would share my recent problem. All of a sudden, my car was having trouble starting when cold. (not really even cold here, overnight its probably 70 to 75. Anyway, it would start but the cranking time was a bit longer and it would hit and sputter a couple times before starting. I tested the glow plug system and found that I had power, but two glow plugs were bad! They must have gone bad in just a few days, though I suppose one could have been bad and I didn't know it, I would expect it would still start pretty decent with 5 working. Both were newer looking Bosch plugs with little to no wear on the tips. Kinda wierd I thought. I replaced them and it starts great. I also moved the glow plug wire to the 3rd cylinder back, rather than the front. I figured there will be less voltage drop to the back cylinders since it doesn't have to travel from one end of the engine to the other. It starts better than it ever has!

Just thought I would share.


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Wow, I got the same thing going on by today.
VERY similar to yours. I`m hoping that`s the case with mine too...not the ip sucking air.
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