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Old 10-31-2014, 06:16 AM
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Default d24 & M-46, need a new home

New member here, Oklahoma City, OK - hello all.

I recently bought a very nice '82 240 wagon, diesel (non-turbo, of course) with an M-46 transmission.

In the near future (hopefully), I will be pulling the engine & transmission & converting it to Chevrolet V8 power.

I think I know the perils of admitting to that decision on a volvo diesel forum, but I'm still prepared to take some abuse. :-) The car will otherwise stay original, and tasteful; think "mild" not "wild".

The reason I am posting here is that the engine & transmission seem to be in decent shape, and I would really prefer that they are not simply scrapped.

The car has about 185k miles, starts easily, but perhaps idles a little high (tach doesn't work). Transmission shifts just fine, though the electronic overdrive can be temperamental (doesn't always engage). I've driven the car for a few weeks now, & will still do so while I source my engine swap - so mileage may well go up a little (but not much).

For any interested parties, I'd be happy to send video of the motor running, just message me with your email address & I'll get a little phone video taken & send it on.

As far as price, I'm very flexible - or wait to make me an offer once you've seen & heard it run. I'd just really rather not throw the engine / trans into a junker car (not a volvo!) that I plan to pull across the scales (it is heavy though, eh?)

So, diesel fans - step up & give this running d24 a home, please.

I have NOT pulled the motor yet, and also do not have an exact date for the "surgery" so please let me know your desired timeframe when you email. If I need to store the engine for a little while, that can probably also be arranged.


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Old 11-03-2014, 05:51 AM
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Send a message via AIM to Volvoist

Sent you a PM...
Mike Rausch

Newark/Bear, DE

Selling NEW and USED Volvo parts!


Email: mike@swedishbrickyard.com
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Old 01-08-2015, 02:07 PM
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Default Engine & transmission are now out

Bump since the motor & transmission are now out. d24, m46

Would prefer to sell all together but will consider parting it out.

I am certain there will be other ancillary items available as well. For instance, power steering pump & AC compressor are still hanging in the engine bay but will come off eventually. Exhaust & radiator will not be re-used, so they are available - and I'm not sure what else. Y'all may have a better idea than me what I won't be re-using.

Car WILL run & drive again, so no body panels, trim, suspension, drivetrain parts, etc. are available.

Anyway, message me with offers or interest, or respond here & let's see what we can do.

I also won't rule out swaps / trades for other mid-80's 245 parts.

Alloy wheels (stock or not), with or without tires, 1987 gasoline engine wiring harness (!), tan interior trim, rear hatch harnesses(!), brake or suspension upgrades, roof rack, the list goes on & on. :-)

Located in Oklahoma.
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