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Old 06-27-2020, 10:29 AM
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See the PREVIOUS post also.

For your safety, use jackstands on both sides and use wheel chocks both sides when you lift the car like that.

The large safari roofrack is now removed for respraying. The car roof got buffed and waxed, the Thule roofrack towers will get a coat of fresh black dip and rubber parts cleaned up and locks lubricated before it all goes back on.

Here is a link below to the original Volvo spacer in case you decide to double them up to adjust the ride height of your car.

For adding only one more spacer on what you have, you will not need new bolts. But it will only lift about 5-6 millimeters. My car needed at least half an inch up. The scooter wheel was I think 22mm (appr 1inch), I cant remember exact thickness.


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Old 06-27-2020, 12:22 PM
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Interesting creative solution to your problem. Can you tell a difference in the handling, now that the rear is higher? I would think it reduced the front end caster angle slightly and raised the rear center of gravity.

I have found suitable replacements at the JY so haven't had to resort to finding a substitute, good to know.
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Old 06-27-2020, 02:02 PM
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Vehicle: 1986 Volvo 745 TD
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Default Wagon shimmed up

I havent experienced anything abnormal or uncomfortable.
Steering feels straight, tight and right; and I havent noticed any changes in how the car handles whatsoever.

It's been about 6-800 miles since this fix, including a 420mile mountain trip where the wagon towed a trailer and cargo perfectly. Not just for the cooling system and for the pushbutton 5speed tranny alone, but that was the ultimate test for the scooter wheels too.

I havent noticed any weirdness about driveability and all was fine, even at speeds of 75MPH with the trailer on. If I took my hands off the steering wheel, the rig would still cruise vibration-free and completely straight.

I think I would never go back to saggy back...

IDK how if it affected caster.
Rotating the tires is a good idea anyways so I'll keep that on the list for the future.

After the wheels added, I had to adjust driver seat, all 3 mirrors and I see less of the length of the hood and more of the road
It doesnt feel any stiffer but I think it may have stiffened it up by 5%. Not sure. I am receiving no feedback at all that something has changed.
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