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Old 01-24-2017, 02:05 PM
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Default 1984 760 TD restoration

I bought this '84 760 three years ago, non-running due to a leaking injection pump shaft seal. As happens sometimes, life got in the way of starting to work on it for quite a while, so it sat in storage until last November.

On Thanksgiving weekend, with a couple days of free time, I opened the hood and got started on it. The car had 57,000 miles and had spent much of the last decade sitting. The tabs had expired in 2009. The original owner had it until sometime in 2013; the guy I bought it from had purchased it from that owner's estate. It was garaged and in beautiful shape.

I was in contact with a former Volvo dealer employee who had access to a NOS brand new D24T injection pump that I bought and sent to a fuel shop to be checked out. It got fresh seals, compatible with the ULSD fuel that was introduced long after the pump had been built, and tested healthy. I installed the new pump on the engine, changed some dead glow plugs, changed the long-sitting oil, and removed the injectors to add some fresh oil to each cylinder prior to attempting to start it.

With minimal effort, the engine lit right off and ran great! Under its own power, it drove right out of the garage where it had been sitting since 2014. The rest of the car proved to be as solid as it looked too. I have owned around a dozen 700 or 900 series cars, but was still impressed by how different this one was to drive, in terms of silence and refinement. Closest I have seen to what they presumably were like when they were new, expensive top-of-the-line rigs.

Gave it new timing belts and various other service shortly after getting it on the road, and it has been a smooth and comfortable daily driver. Currently still straightening out a few small faults around the car but I hope to bring it to the XXX show next month.

Short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWAN...ature=youtu.be
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