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Originally Posted by jpliddy View Post
hi i tried a gates belt but it did not last long . the genuine belts are better build and slightly thicker dimensions only very slightly . but alternator belts don't seem to last long enough on my engine
You are right about the Volvo belt because I`ve been torturing this oem belt for such a `long` time, not caring much that it already showed signs of wear 2+ years ago! I did care but was always hesitant to mess with the alternator. Had to tighten it a few times before... I did not use the right method but the belt itself held up nicely and never broke (yet). It even survived the fact that it was slightly misaligned (thanks to bad ps bushings) for at least 6months.

Wondering if a pulley with surface rust could be pushing yours towards the regular premature death. Mine also has some minor surface rust on the pulley but will confirm this after the belt comes off. Is there a suggested treatment for when this happens to be the case?
Chemical removal or gentle sandpapering? idk
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