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Default Governer mod

This modification will alow the pump to provide full fueling to redline (and actually alow the engine to rev higher if you want.) Really the stock redline at 5k rpms is quite high, but on the way up there the governer starts to kick and and defuel the engine. By the time you are at 5K rpms, the governer will have defueled the egine noticably. By doing this mod, you will have a new level of top end power as the engine will pull HARD to redline.

Remove the top of the pump. If you don't know how to disassemble the pump to this level, you probably shouldn't be attempting this modification!cover of the pump. The govnerner is the assembly that attaches the throttle shaft to the pump itself (it actuates the fuel rack). The spring assembly has three parts a very soft idle spring, an intermidiate spring and a long main sping. Leave the softest spring as-is (this is the low speed spring). These springs are set up progressively. Once the idle spring has been compressed the intermidate spring is next and once that has been taken car of it starts on the main spring. The intermediate spring is what we will be working with.

When you take apart the governer, remove it from the pump and bring it to your bench or a clean work area. Pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to how it is assembled, such as the order that washers/springs are stacked. If you reassemble it incorrectly you could loose governer controll and possibly have the engine run away, or it could fall apart and ruin the pump! This is a make or break assembly in the pump when it comes to how the engine runs, so pay attention!

There are a couple different options:

1. Replace the intermidate and main sping with a solid piced of tube or strong wire ect... somthing that doesnt compress.

2. Shim the intermidate spring placing it in coil bind and preloading the main spring slightly. You can use pop rivot washers or something of that sort.

Reassemble and go for a test drive. You should notice a huge difference in midrange to top end power!

Thanks to Wimpy for the pic: Look for the red arrow, that's the shim...

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