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Default Hazing D24+T


I have owned a couple of D24's in the past years. But I have a "Hazing problem" with my current D24+T.

Specs / info:

- D24 with added Turbo (standard boost pressure)
- External oil cooler
- New 297 nozzles (pops at standard D24T pressure)
- New timing and pump belt (timing 0.86)
- 6 New glowplugs
- 3" JT Tuning exhaust system (modified gasser system from sweden)

When I start the engine in the morning, there is some grey-ish smoke. But when it is at operating temp, it still got this "hazing". Especially while pulling. If I floor it, the smoke turns black "as supposed".
But this "hazing" bugs me, because I can see it in the rearview mirror some times.

The engine does not burn oil or coolant. Wax-stat is new, no lumpy idle when cold.

Any ideas what the problem might be?


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