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Koen 04-06-2017 04:38 AM

Normal Oil temperature
hello everybody!

I am driving my volvo 740 with a d24tic for about a year now and noticed that the there is something wrong with the oil. It has a air/oil-cooler.
After a couple of oil changes, 2 broken turbo's and a cracked head, i bought a oil temp gauge to be able to keep an eye on the temperature.

After a 15 minute drive at a constant 130km/h (65miles/hour) my oil goes all the way up to 125C (257F). At this point i drove off the highway so i don't know if it would have gone higher. It was 20C (68F) outside and i started the highway drive at 70C (158F) oil temp.

When i took the air/oil cooler apart i noticed nothing strange about it, it's not blocked or anything. I already tried a different oil thermostat and thermostat housing, doesn't change anything. :(

So my question is:
Does anybody have a oil temp gauge, so i can compare values?
Is there something about my oil cooler that i didn't check and could be the problem?

anders 04-06-2017 06:00 AM

I had installed a oil temp gauge on one of previous cars that had been modified (maxed pump, super 60 turbo,etc) I didn't have an oil cooler on it, but wanted to know the temp of my oil, I had a suspicion it was getting hot. On one long trip going 80 mph or so I saw the temps reach 270 plus degrees. That's way too hot, I would like to see temps stay below 220.

Your temp of 125 with a stock engine and oil cooler is too hot. How is the airflow on the cooler?

Koen 04-10-2017 12:51 AM

Airflow was pretty bad, so i corrected it by putting an extra plate above it. The airflow is now better than stock, but still no difference.
Also the oilcooler doesn't get really warm, so i am going to buy a different oilcooler and thermostat, something non-OEM and see how that goes.

Will post any differences!

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