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Originally Posted by RedArrow View Post
I'm curious,
In New Zealand, can you "sometimes" see other diesel Volvos on the road? Are they 240, 740, 760, 940 cars? And did they ever get the 5cyl tdi versions of newer Volvo cars?
Do you have the European vintage LT trucks out there? (Made by VW)...lt28, lt35, lt45 etc those would have the d24&d24t parts you may need.

These diesel Volvos are becoming very rare sight, even in Europe!! And nowdays there are all these bans against all diesel powered vehicles (and against all gasoline powered vehicles too)...all over in Europe, pretty much in all of Europe's countries.

I thought I would ask You how it is going in NZ?!
And I found one article that mentions possible new sanctions in the future in NZ.
I hope you get your car running great soon and that you find a d24t parts-car soon enough to make sure your d24t powered Volvo will stay on the road (before potential d24 leftovers end up getting scrapped). Do you have d24 240 volvos at least? It must already be a rare sight out there!
Keep bricking!
Haha, Thank You Red Arrow.

As far as D24 powered Volvo's in NZ, there are 3. Yep, just 3. My 1983 760 diesel, a 1989 740 auto, and a 90's 940 auto. The 740 is an interesting one. That is now off the road due to being in a crash and the plates are handed in so the car is now offically de-registered on NZ roads. It still exists and I have bought it for $600. However, as it is in the South Island and I am in the North it was stored at the owners farm. Now I just got word that it got hit by a digger numerous times and that it is now folded and filled over with dirt - pictures yet to come, only going on from what I have heard. I will be getting the D24 from it as parts, but I am soon to find out what the condition of the car is. Hopefully it is alright, the front was already a mess from being clipped which caused it to be off the road, but it still ran, just the radiator fan was broken and a few belts had been shoved in and ripped off.

About the VW Lt's that got the D24's, it is highly likely we didn't get them. Maybe someone imported one or two but they were not NZ new. We didn't even get the D24 Volvo's new in NZ. All 3 are imports. We got the Turbo's and GLE's new, which I own - 3 x 1983/4 760 Turbo's, B23ET, M46 manual. and 1x 1984 760 GLE, B28E, AW71. All need a bit of work, but they are all close.

New Zealand is a bit behind in decisions such as removing petrol and diesel cars. Since farms are a big part of the country, we still rely on petrol and diesel cars. I think it will be a while before that decision to go fully electric will be implemented, but I am seeing increased amount of electric cars on the road, but so is most countries.

We've got 5cyl Volvo's. We get most of the Volvo's, but one that has not come to our country is the new V90. We have got the Cross Country version, but not the standard version. No idea why, we've got the batch of S90's.

Thanks, my 83' Turbo Diesel is a rare one, I will keep it on the road and as happy and healthy as possible. That's why I joined this forum, for extra help onto keeping the D24 healthy, as I am new to this scene. It won't be scrapped, I want to keep it on the road and rack up the mileage on it.

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